Monday, April 19, 2004

Birthday weekend...spent it with family (husband and son) anchored out in the cove at Treasure Island. It was at first sunny and gorgeous, then blue and then gray. No matter, it was a celebration of just being. Went for probably my favorite current run, along the west side of the spit from Yerba Buena to the north end of Treasure Island. It's not a long run, only about 25 minutes, but the view of the Bay and the City and the Golden Gate and Bay Bridge are all as spectacular as they could possibly get. I notice that there is a leasing sign up, and that some of the housing units where navy families used to be now have windows with curtains and lamps. What a place to be! Of course, there is not a lot out there as far as living goes, beyond the amazing view, and one would be completely stuck dealing with the Bridge toll and traffic on a daily basis. It was pretty funny, too: Chrysler was having some driving day out there, with a few canopies with display tables underneath and having taken over a parking lot with blue cones, ostensibly creating a driving slalom. I ran down the empty asphalt strip I always cross (not the one with blue cones), avoiding the street traffic-- and a lone Chrysler drove over to me and the drive told me to please run somewhere else -- especially amusing because, not only was there no traffic where I was running, but they had put their signs up blocking the bike path which was my other option! I guess we all have our sense of entitlement, but the Chrysler brand experience wasn't positive.


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