Friday, August 21, 2009

Peace Like A River (of art)

For several weeks, I have been buffeted by sad events happening to family and friends around me, and daily I struggle with carrying my heavy heart. Other than lending an ear, and taking soup and small gifts to them, I keep turning to art to give me inspiration and joy.

For example, it was a joy to see new art (such as was shown to us in a slide presentation last night at our Palo Alto Public Art Commission meeting by a representative of Black Rock Arts). And, lest we not forget, just creating art creates its own energy and positivism. Here are a couple more of my images that I have been working on in the last few months...

Okay! That first one isn't exactly inspirational. But it made my cousin Brian laugh aloud a few months ago when I last saw him, and that makes a huge difference for me. It's called Bro.

Here's another one in about the same palette but with rather a different feeling, called Old Birds. I'm beginning to get that my art is either about procrastination or that the real message is
that life is short.

BTW, we're working on a new website for the Public Art Commission. And, looking for people who want to be on our email list for announcements about events and art news. It's taking a while, but we are determined to keep our public informed, at least those who want to be. If you are one of them, just click here and enter your email address in the little empty white box on the bottom right of that page. We do have some interesting things going on!

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