Tuesday, October 27, 2009

It's been busy

What a month! Too much going on. But at least I have managed to get some new work completed. Rather than belabor the details of my many visitors and the high school reunion I just attended, I'll just put up a few new images I have completed.

The first one is one I did specifically to donate to a fundraising auction for Charity Water. This amazing NGO raises money to drill wells and install pumps for small villages in Africa to have clean water. After seeing their photos of babies drinking brown water from bottles, I couldn't help but help out.

Eric Wong, a Bay Area businessman, personally organized and paid for an evening at Gallery House to raise money for the organization (100% of their fundraising goes to the water wells). This is at 6 pm on November 14th and I encourage you to go. There will be photos there depicting the villages in need and some of the happy results of their work, as well as new art donated by Gallery House artists like me which you can purchase. Whatever you spend on these donated pieces will all go toward helping humans have clean water--and you get to take home some great art too. It's a win-win. I have also recently donated pieces for fundraisers for Aids Legal Referral Panel and for UUCPA, and it feels good every time.

Here is a little more more of my current work which have been favorites of my adoring public.
(Okay, that's mostly my friends and family, but that's what friends and family are for!) The one of the iceland poppies is called Sonrisa Linda, and I am sending one to my little brother who lives in New Zealand.

The nasturtiums is titled Call of The Wild; the subject is something I ripped out of my garden by mistake one day, and I added the calligraphy from a book a calligraphic artist gave me when I met her in China last spring.

By the way, I do sell these pieces, as well as any that you see in any of my blog posts. Each one is a numbered print from a limited run of 50. If you are in the San Francisco Bay Area and want to pick your selection up at my studio in Palo Alto, I can mat and frame it for you very nicely--double mat with acid free materials and framed in a simple black matte wood frame. Or, if you need me to ship it to you, I can send it carefully packed in a tube with handling instructions (these are fine art prints). These little thumbnails don't do the large images justice; printed at a size of up to 17" x 25" the detail of the subject materials in these high res images makes for delightful discoveries. If you are interested, just email me: n(at)nancycoleman.com -- replacing the (at) with the usual @, of course. Pricing runs between $200-$525 depending on size and whether framed or not; and add for sales tax and shipping as needed. I'm working on a website for this so I don't have to clutter these posts with such mundane detail--but I keep finding that I'd rather play with art than web technology.

Plus, I'm working on a couple of new approaches to my art, but not ready to show those yet -- maybe next time.

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