Friday, May 04, 2012

Grid Gardens

Even the most regular grid patterns can be fascinating as visuals. Sometimes I challenge myself to use them as a basis for new art, whether in my convergent digital media, casual iPhone photography, or studio shots. Here are three recent takes on grid patterns, all from very different sources.

The first image here (above) is a piece I finished last night, inspired by a simple pot of succulents I bought at the Ballard Farmer's Market a few weeks ago. I liked how they were planted in even, symmetrical rows, not something one normally sees in a pot. It's titled Zen Garden because the tiny regular space of green feels like an oasis amidst turbulence.

The second image is of an adorable box of sweets a friend living in Qatar just sent to me. I haven't tasted them yet, not wanting to deconstruct the pleasing pattern they make as an arranged group. But, if they are anywhere near as delicious as the almond filled dates I am enjoying from the same source, they will soon disappear. So far, I haven't repurposed this shot into "art" yet so it doesn't have a title, but seemed fun enough to include here as an example of a grid leaping out at me.

Last is an iPhone shot I took some weeks ago of a bit of sidewalk while walking in Seattle. I know we are supposed to look up and see stars, but there are interesting landscapes underfoot. This was just an iPhone shot, and while I may never use it for creating anything "serious," just being playful and trying stuff is not just fun, but has long-term benefits.

I am allowing myself more and more to accept that those snaps can make good fodder. Having a personal, small creative goal like this for completion every day really exercises our visual sensitivity to our surroundings, and discoveries of abundance. How about if you see if you can find two or three yourself today?


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