Thursday, November 08, 2012


Argon is the title of my latest work. I chose that because of a tidbit of info I encountered when recently watching I Am, a documentary by Director Tom Shadyac. By the way, it's an amazing opening into what is important in life, and I cannot recommend it enough.

From the movie, and probably from chemistry class if we had ever paid attention there, I learned that argon is the third most common gas in the Earth's atmosphere. And that it moves around the atmosphere constantly, being breathed in and out by all living beings. It's one of the things that connects us – connection being what is intrinsically important to all of us souls – because I am breathing in the very molecules of argon that the dinosaurs breathed in and out, and that Genghis Khan breathed in an out. (Why do they always choose Ghengis Khan to make this point? I prefer to think of sharing argon with Cleopatra or Elizabeth Cady Stanton.)

So anyway, now while doing breathing meditation, I think of the molecules coming into me and where they may have been before, and all the humanity and animals they have served before, and feel more connected. I like that.

About this image: it started months ago with a photo of a simple beet, before the hurricane. Another coincidence, but another sign, perhaps, of how everything is connected.

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