Saturday, November 21, 2009


Recently I have become reacquainted with my high school best friend, spending a long weekend together, and surprised at how easy it was to hang. We revisited some of our old interests, books and art, and when she told me she made a point to “take a picture a day,” I leaped at the idea of our both doing it—and sharing it via email every day.

This exercise has been one of the best things I’ve done in a long time. For starters, I am learning to know Carmen again in a unique way, which is especially appreciated because she lives 2,870 miles away. And just for myself, my commitment to sharing something daily, causes me to look afresh at the big and small elements of my life that sometimes I take for granted.

It’s a challenge to find just the one shot each day I want to represent whatever I am doing, thinking, feeling, creating, or just whatever it is I want to share, whether attached to my 24 hours or not. Each day I have to choose between an artistic visual or a journalistic visual...or, strive to meld the two.

It has been a delight rediscovering my friend’s artistic ability, too, and seeing what she chooses to send me. We also often write a short paragraph to accompany the shot...but the most important aspect is just to get one out every day.

Important Note: Carmen took the shot of the flower in the sky, but she said I could publish it, and some of my shots were with my IPhone. ...I've attempted numerous times to post more in this blog entry to show you how much fun we are having, but this software drives me crazy: it's very hard to place the images where I want them and somehow images are continually disappearing. Time to get back to my studio work instead.

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