Monday, July 26, 2010

Resurrection, resurrected

Recently someone asked to see "Resurrection" in its entirety. I had posted a blown up crop of it in previous months to show the detail, but here's the whole thing. Thank you, Paul, for asking to see more. This entry is for you.

What I didn't say before about "Resurrection" is what it meant to me. Spiritual seeking has been an underlayer in my life since I can remember. I wasn't raised as a Christian, and though have hoped to have a comforting faith many times in my life, it rarely if ever comes to me. I have come to accept that the struggle in the seeking is my path, and that the effort for understanding and clarity -- of God, of the universe, evolution, meaning in life, the big bang, all and all of it, is more important than latching onto something and settling in.
So, when I created this piece, I could clearly see an old body, humbled and bent, but rising up. It was a big surprise to me that it clearly represented Christ in the moment his earthly body burst off its binding shroud, at the very moment of Resurrection. And of course, the shroud represents all of humanity and earthly concerns. It is Everyman, shaking off the mundane. It is Me, freeing myself from my constraints.

To the right is another image, titled "Hedgehog Ripening" created from dried Echinacea stems also. Because of the way they dry so prickly, an expression for Echinacea is hedgehog, or so I am told. I'm including this one here because I like the way the two images work together, one being regal and other-wordly and one being so of the earth.

On another note, today I received a comment from another artist telling me how meaningful another piece ("Hole In The Soul") is to her. Thank you, Julia. I cannot tell you all how much your thoughtful comments mean to me. That my art evokes feelings and starts conversations fills me with gratitude.

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