Sunday, April 04, 2010

Asian pear time

Sometimes not sleeping can be a good thing. Ideas, visions, concepts come and make themselves pesky enough that I just get up, go into my studio and start working. A few nights ago I kept thinking about how beautiful are the skins of some Asian pears that came from Chile-- this batch was a deeper gold-green with whiter spots than the ones from California -- so spent a few hours creating this new piece. The next day I found the additional elements in the garden and added them. This piece isn't very conceptual to me; it more just aesthetic and a study in circles, textures, color-- and a bit of dimensionality, especially with the tiny forget-me-nots fading into the distance. Or is it that they are coming to the present from the past?

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At 8:35 AM , Anonymous gary fiset said...

Nancy! Love your art. Especially love the eecummings poem. Keep up the fabulous work.

At 1:12 AM , Blogger Captain Cook said...

Great inspirations, Nancy! I like how the Asian pear print as a whole has this texture of the skin of the pears. The e.e. cummings idea sounds like something I could copy in class. I took a class in encaustic in Montreal, which I very much enjoyed, just never got around to gathering all the gear to do anything about it at home. Great blog! Verena


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