Friday, July 16, 2010

Tools Of The Trade

Tools. I must say, I love tools. I an entranced with their aesthetic, which is informed by their function, and especially am attracted by aged tools, and old tools. Today's offering is my well-used garden pruners, which are also employed regularly in the studio when I am composing my subjects. They sometimes are handy at the kitchen sink when I am making arrangements for our household. Because the pruners (which oddly do not yet have a personal name; I name everything) are used everywhere at any given moment, they can be seen any number of locations hereabouts...laying on the kitchen counter, on the bookcase outside my studio door, on the patio table where we have our summer dinners, or on the little flower-tile table by the back door.
Today's image, titled "Fancy Handles," is an old one, but my ma told me again that it is one of her favorites. I think she likes it because of the simplicity. I like it because I love my little pruners. They fit my hand. They help me do things I love. They're just...damned cute. And a woman's gotta have cute tools.

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At 11:40 AM , Anonymous David Weedmark said...

Great post. I love tools. And I love getting a glimpse of the tools others use - what the are, where they are kept, if they're shiny and new, or well-used and worn, or handed down from parents and grandparents. It says so much about the person. Thanks for the fodder to ponder some more.


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