Saturday, March 23, 2013

Everything is connected

Big day yesterday for this artist's online declaration: I finally launched an art website depicting several galleries of my work in one swell foop.
Of course, it is a better method for showing work in tiny pictures all at one time, but I will continue to write about art in the contest of our lives here on this blog because art is more than just a pretty face. So, stop by and visit anytime. (You can also access this space by clicking on the Art Blog link on my website too. There are many open doors welcoming you.)

To that end, I just read a great overview about ways to look at and enjoy art, by Jan Looper, titled How To Talk About Art. It's well worth a look, whether you are an artist, an art aficionado, or someone who wants to "get" art a little more in whatever personal way that works for you. Thank you, Jan, for the great share.

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