Sunday, September 01, 2013

Waxing and Waning

Close-up of The Sound of Stars
As an artist, part of what keeps me flowing is the internal permission to move from one place to the next, and in this case place means medium. 

Digital is still fun as heck for me, evidenced by my tithe to Photoshop, but for years now I have been playing more and more with encaustic, aka art created with beeswax. (Thank you to Ally Richter, who introduced me to this hedonic mode, and who does beautiful encaustic "color studies" as she calls them. My hope is to reflect her talent, even if just part way.) I've even shown encaustic pieces here and there for years, though almost always in an exhibit mixed with a number of other works. (Such as now I have 41 works up at Harborview Medical Center, several of which are encaustic.)

Finally, since my fingers kept turning to the hotplate and pots of molten wax, I decided to really commit to it. In November, a gallery mate and I will be presenting Pushing Wax at Gallery 110 Seattle.

This show will in include multiple expressions of unusual modes with encaustic as an art form. It's a challenge, but so, so fun! Here, I am publishing just a few teaser shots of some of my creations in the works.

Images shown:

The Sound of Stars (close-up) - wax and pigment on board

Breath - oxygen tubing, nails, oil pastel, wax and oil paint on board

Silver Dollar River (close-up) - silver dollar pods and wax on board

Texture of Cacophony (close-up) - wax and pigment on board

Close-up of Silver Dollar River
Texture of Cacophony

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