Monday, January 25, 2010

Small Works

Currently, Gallery House has a show up called Small Works. Each of us was allowed to hang three pieces, each no larger than 14" overall (outside frame length). It was a real challenge for me to find just the right work out of my portfolio to meet this criteria. Most of my work is designed to be large so the viewer can see the rich detail and complexity of the subject -- and to allow me a canvas to work out something meaningful (see last post). This time it was about finding images that were more graphic compositionally and had impactful color.

Today's post is simply to display a couple of the pieces I chose for the Small Works Show. Simple, but, I think, kind of sweet. They are just visual treats and not demanding. But that brings to mind once when my son expressed preference for once of my pieces that was "just" eye candy to my way thinking, and I replied that it was "too easy to like." He laughed and said, "What's wrong with being easy to like?" He has a point.

(Oh, okay. I can never resist making meaning out of something. This second one I called "Change of Heart" -- an illusion to the change in color from green to red and also that the composition made sort of an altered heart shape.)

The third piece I chose to hang in the Small Works Show is the red chard, which has been displayed in this blog previously. I finally got to use it somewhere else.

Coming up:
 * New works for the featured show at Gallery House.
 * An exploration of "wabi sabi."

...........Happy Monday!


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