Sunday, February 07, 2010

Fresh Faces

Again, a new show at Gallery House, this one called "Fresh Faces." Sounds cheeky, eh?

Actually, it is a group of us 'newbies' (members for less than a full year) at Gallery House, all hanging together for the show that runs from February 3 to February 27. We're having a special welcoming reception (yes! you are invited!) on February 12, from 5:30 to 8 pm, with artists' talks starting at 7. If the art and talks isn't enough to draw you over, we'll have wine and juices and a few valentine-like snackie thingies.

The other artists showing in this featured show are Jane Peterman, Bob Adler, George Perazzo and Kris Taylor -- and I'm proud to be with them.

Here are just a couple of the pieces I have up...but come see them big. These are just snippets so you can get a sense of the detail, but then you can't see the whole composition.

Well then, come for the valentine-like snackie thingies. It's okay.

Image notes: The top image is a detail of "Three Stories," and the one to the bottom right is a detail of "Resurrection," which was influenced by the beautiful religious art I experienced last spring in Siena and Florence.


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