Saturday, August 21, 2010


You are cordially invited to come to Transformation
a special exhibit of wabi-sabi to contemporary 
ceramics and digital art by 
Kiyoco Michot and Nancy Coleman (that would be me) 
September 21-October 16. 
Opening reception on Friday, September 24 from 6-8 pm
with refreshments and live music.
Gallery House, 320 California Ave., Palo Alto (entrance through Printers Cafe)

  Before Show and After Show... I am starting to believe that my life this year is bifurcated into these two segments. You'd think that preparing for an art show wouldn't be such an effort – after all, many artists do this regularly, do they not? Well, this one will find my work on all four walls. Fellow artist-ceramicist Kiyoco is also showing with her gorgeous ceramics  on pedestals through the room, leaving me horizons of white walls to fill. Because most of it is to be "new" work, it has been daunting.

For this show, I have created not only new images but experimented with additional ways of creating them and producing them, including using Alias Sketchbook Pro as an additional digital method, printing on aluminum panels and mounting prints on wood and layering with beeswax medium. There is also quite a bit more to it all beyond making the new work and framing much of it (I do my own matting and framing), to all of the planning, producing and promoting. (It's the P-factor.)

If you have ever been intrigued or just curious about my work, this is the time to come see it  ~ and talk to me about it. I appreciate your support, and your friendship. I will also be staffing the gallery on Sept. 22 from 11-4 and on Sept. 30 from 11-4 if you want to stop by during the show's regular hours when I am scheduled to be there. 

Note about the image: The flower hand image (on the left side of the postcard, above) is one of my new works that will be at the show, and is titled Compassion. The background is a Loving Kindness Mediation in my own script, which I drew using Alias Sketchbook Pro on top of a Photoshop collage of digital images that took me weeks to complete. The blue bowl and the three vases are some of Kiyoco's works, beautiful and functional.

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