Monday, September 27, 2010

The New God

The show is up. The reception is over. Whew. Thank you to all my friends, old and new, who came to support me. Now onward to making new things.... Yesterday I found myself immersed in new materials, too, this time encaustic, copper wire, acrylic and having mad fun with the drill. 

By evening, I wrote an email to Casey, who is away at school and immersed in his own life of discoveries, telling him that I feel like I am falling in love with art. His reply was to share a poem he had found, by Stephanie McLintock. It is too perfect, so I decided to share it with you all.

The New God

Awaken and receive
the new God.
Need not worship, need not pray;
you, too proud to bow your eyes,
do not bow your eyes. Look.
Only lift your hands to the sweet sun,
feel, new, the masterpiece of grass
where the skin is white and
life between your toes.
Do not believe, only do, participate
in the rebuilding of beauty,
you who could not conceive
of, oh, great love for the greatest love.
Sacrifice mediocrity
and build, build on the stumps of beauty,
plunge toward perfection,
dare to bring the power
of creation into your own hands.
Your own hands -- look -- they
are affirmation.
Listen while your new God speaks
now, with delicate woven breath.
Commandment: Be Art,
and you need not listen
for any more; that is all.

                    ~ Stephanie McLintock


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